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Importing a new font

I have downloaded a font to my laptop that  want to use in my Videoscribe but it does not show in the list of available fonts.

I have tried removing and re-downloading videoscribe but nothing has workd.

Please help!

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We seem to have found the route of the issue. VideoScribe imports fonts which have a lower case first letter at the end of the list rather than in their alphabetical place. May have been something we overlooked as all the fonts we use have upper case first letters and therefore would not have been picked up in testing. 

It's been added to the bugs list and we'll investigate a fix in the future.

Thanks much Barry. 

Aku dan kamu

 Hello! I have installed in my laptop some fonts that doesnt appears in VideosScribe available fonts to add.

I have win 10 - 64 bits. In word works ok and its listed in alphabetical order.

I attach the Font in order that you can help me, please.

Thanks, Claudia

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