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Pace long text evenly during animation

Just a suggestion to figure out how to take the length of an animation and then pace the text writing accordingly.  Problem is if there's a lot of text, the animation wants to go at a nice smooth slow pace and so it does, regardless of how long the animation has been shortened to.  So then at the end, it throws up the last text super fast to get through it.  It would be nice if it all were written at the same smooth pace, even if that pace is fast.

Are you just looking at the preview? or does it do the same thing when you render a video?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


You're right. You guys are magic. It doesn't do it when I render the video. Would be nice if it would preview accurately, for the timing on audio and such, but I can't complain. :)

 Great! glad that worked for you. I think the preview mode struggles a bit when processing longer blocks of text. 

Breaking larger text elements into two or more smaller text elements (and then lining them up manually to still look like just 1 element) MIGHT work better in preview mode... but it may not be worth the extra effort just for the preview.

Thanks for reporting your results!

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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