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publishing the scribe as a trial user?

hello there..... I'm a free trail user of VIDEO SCRIBE from SPARKOL.....sir i want to publish the my scribe on YOUTUBE ............... but i cant publish my video ,i get some error.....please help me to to publish my scribe .......please please please

1) What is the error?
2) have you crated a youtube channel?
3) have you verified your youtube channel by email?
4) is your youtube channel public?

The following tutorial explains how to  upload video to youtube.

(specifically the part of the video after about the 18 minute mark.)

if you continue to have problems you can save your scribe online and raise a support ticket to ask customer support to give you specific advice.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Hari,

Sorry you cannot upload to YouTube. It should work for you without any issues.

If you are getting an error message, please let us know what it is as this will give us an idea of the Problem.

The most common problem is the requirement to have a YouTube Profile set up.

The information below should assist you with this.

VideoScribe advises 'For some reason we cannot upload your video to YouTube. Check your internet connection and try again.'

If you get this error message, you will need to set up your channel profile on your YouTube account:

Log into your YouTube account 

Select ‘My channel’

Complete the profile set up

You may need to verify your account under channel status.

Your channel is now ready for uploads from VideoScribe.

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