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Changing Hands Write Direction

Is it possible to change the way/direction of hands write?

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Tks Mike, but I didn't find it! There is talking about fonts direction (chinese, arabian, ...). What we need is change the direction of how the hand draw the picture. Ex.: instead draw a graphical going down from right-left, draw from left-right.

you used the word "write" in your first post, so I thought you were talking about writing text.

if you are just importing a jpg or png or library image, there is no way to change the way videoscribe draws it.

If you are making your own SVG images, videoscribe will draw it in the same order that you draw it when you make the SVG. (you can import an jpg or png into inkscape or illustrator and draw transparent stroked paths over it to make it "draw" in a specific order.)

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-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thank you Mike! 

The right word is "draw", not write! Seems like write because it's a line! Sorry...

I solved it by rotating the image ;) 

Tks a lot!

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