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Custom Animated GIF Quality Problem

I want to animate an image right after the drawing is completed. And I did it successfully by placing my custom animated GIF on top of the SVG image .... no problem.

But the problem is the quality of the GIF image deteriorates in Videoscribe. So, this is what happening - the SVG part is good quality and then the animated GIF part is not so great. The lines are a bit pixeleted and thinner though the same basic image has been used.

And guess what, the same animated GIF looks fine (at least not that bad) when viewed in a browser.

Any idea how to fix this issue? Is this normal with videoscribe while handling custom animated GIFs?

I am attaching screenshots and the actual animated GIF I used.

soc3.gif soc3.gif
32.1 KB

Hi Amit,

I have taken a look at your GIF and can advise that you would be able to increase the image quality further to improve how it looks on the canvas in VideoScribe. The GIF is currently 33kb in size so you could increase the quality of each of the frames in the GIF without impacting the memory usage in VideoScribe too much. I would recommend that you try to keep the size of the GIF below 300KB as anything higher than this is going to use a lot of memory in VideoScribe and limit the amount of other elements you can use before VideoScribe reaches it's memory limit. You should try to keep the overall memory usage below 1 GB when your scribe is loaded. You can check the amount of memory VideoScribe is using by looking at Activity Monitor if you are using a Mac or Task Manager if you are using a Windows PC.

The GIF image will always lose quality when imported into VideoScribe but the higher you can get the resolution, without going over the 300 KB limit for each GIF you use, the better it will look. Just keep in mind that there is a balance between the quality of the GIF image and the amount of memory it uses when added to the canvas.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your reply. Actually I also tried a higher resolution than this but that one too was no more than 44 KB (821 X 1061). 

Let me now try and see if I could make the resolution higher. I'll be back with the result soon.

Okay this time I made the animated GIF 2665 X 3543 pixels (243 KB file size) but the result is still not satisfactory inside videoscribe, though better than last time.

Then I had an idea ... I used Adobe After effects for the later part and the result is way better.

Hope Videoscribe developers are going to look in to this issue and see if they can do something about it.

Hi Amit,

I'm glad you have managed to get the quality to a more satisfactory level. What exactly did you do in After Effects to achieve this?

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