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Imposibilidad de subir la presentación al youtube

Buenos días, he intentado en repetidas ocasiones subir la presentación al youtube, mediante los pasos dado. Tengo la cuenta gratuita ¿qué podría hacer? 

Muchas gracias y saludos

Hi Maria,

Great to hear from you. A common reason for the YouTube upload failing is that your YouTube channel is not set up.

VideoScribe advises 'For some reason we cannot upload your video to YouTube. Check your internet connection and try again.'

If you get this error message, you will need to set up your channel profile on your YouTube account:

Log into your YouTube account

Select ‘My channel’

Complete the profile set up

You may need to verify your account under channel status. Your channel is now ready for uploads from VideoScribe.

If you get a different error message please let us know what the message is and save the scribe to your online (cloud) directory. Let us know the name and we can then take a look and see what the problem may be.

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