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Hand Moves Page

Greetings All,


I have seen the effect created where you are finished with one page and want to move up/down/side to a new canvas and a hand seems to move in and swipe the page to a new canvas. I have attempted to have the had move a transparent object in and then set the camera to a new page but the hand dissapears before the page transitions. I attempted to also adjust the pause.transition timing of the hand but no success.

Any suggestions? What am I missing?



The hands do not work that way in videoscribe. You would have to use trickery:
1) take a screenshot of the hand (or use a photo of another hand) and
2) import it as a regular image
3) place it on the canvas in view of the camera (and set the camera) and then
4) move the camera to its next position for the next image.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello Mike,

Thanks much for this solution. It worked well and I now use it for each multi canvas presentation.

Great! Thank you for sharing your results!

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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