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Problem resizing image


When I try to make an image smaller, all the details disappear and it just becomes a colored square (of whatever main color the image was) or it just turns invisible.

Thanks for letting me know where this problem could come from. 

This is an issue that we are aware of and working on a fix for. A workaround in the meantime is to:

-take the image out to an SVG editor (like Adobe illustrator or Inkscape) (for library images this is done by putting the image on the canvas then right-clicking and choosing 'export to SVG)

-with the pencil, draw a large circle around the outside of the image (I mean BIG!), setting the point size to zero (so that it doesn't get drawn)

-save and import to VideoScribe

This will make the image import a lot smaller with a massive invisible border, but it can be resized to whatever you want and when you zoom out the actual image remains.

Hm,... it's Nov 2017 now and this "bug" is still existing in the actual version 3.0.3! But thanks for the workaround...

This bug does not look like it has been fixed yet, it's now Jan 2018.  

 I do not have the software you propose using in the workaround.  Any other suggestions?

Hi Michele,

Do you have a scribe affected by this issue?

If so, can you please save it to the cloud and raise a support ticket here:

We can then investigate this for you.

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