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Transparency in .PNGs ignored


I have a series of small .PNG files with (mainly) surrounding transparency.  I bring them in, though, and the transparentness of the character is gone and it overwrites the sprite below.

Is there a setting or a draw style I'm not doing, or should I use a different image file format?


They seem to be working fine for me. Perhaps there is a problem with the PNGs you are using.

1) please attach one of the PNG files here that is not working properly for you.

2) what program are you using to make your transparent PNGs?
3) what version of videoscribe?
4) mac, PC or ipad?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

 Hi,  The image is now up at; I don't know if imgur screweed with it or not.

Using Photoshop, and (I think) latest version of VideoScribe, on Windows.


- Tab

There are some transparent parts near the corners but the whole middle part is not transparent because of the way it was made.

Make sure when you draw a transparent PNG that you start by adding new layers to your PSD and hide the opaque background layer and only draw on the new layers. If you expect to have partial transparency  like in the green parts, you need to start with an empty layer instead of drawing on a white background and trying to delete the white later.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I don't recall the specifics but it's likely on that image the only transparency was around the edges.  Regardless, I need it to be recognized.

 The image you provided and other transparent PNGs work as intended when I import them. Based on what I am seeing, I believe that videoscribe is working fine and you are just making your PNG images incorrectly, so you are not getting transparency everywhere that you want it.

If you think videoscribe is not displaying that PNG properly, please attach a screenshot clearly showing videoscribe displaying the png incorrectly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi - I have the same problem.

I am creating images with gimp (.png, with transparent background).

Some images are displayed correctly in videsoscribe, others not.

Images - that are not correctly displayed - do not appear in the videoscribe preview either.

There is no difference in how i create or export the images in gimp.

Do you know about this technical issue?

I just found a solution for myself.

It works, when I create .png files from Gimp like this:

-saving my original drawing in Gimp as .jpg (without transparent background)

-copy selection and paste as new image in Gimp 

-save as .png and import to Videoscribe

-Transparent background is correctly displayed

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