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cant log in to the VideoScribe software on my computer

i already downloaded and installed the latest version of VideoScribe, but when i run the program and i submit my username and password, its keep say, "to use offline mode, you must first log in online on this device" so till now i cant start my free trial.. i dont understand why this happened. Anybody can help me?



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Hi Dewi,

Sorry that you are having this issue.

There are a few things that you can try in this situation.

Please first try restarting your router by turning it off for 30 seconds and reboot your computer.

If you still get the same issue, are you able to try logging in from a different computer?

If someone else is responsible for the computer network – at school or at home for example – you may need to check with them that you can install new software.

Important information for your network administrator

Check your security settings

If you're on a PC, firewalls may be blocking VideoScribe. If possible, add VideoScribe to the firewall exceptions list.

If someone else is responsible for the computer network – at school or at home for example – extra security may be blocking VideoScribe.

I have attached two videos to this reply to assist you in checking you have the correct security protocol (TLS) enabled and how to clear the previous cache.

Please watch the videos and following them to do the same on your computer.

Please also ensure that VideoScribe is closed before doing this and remember to restart your computer afterwards.

Please try these things and let me know how you get on.

experienced by Ms. goddess, it happened to me. I've even tried to practice what you brother Matthew Cook.

up of the firewall, restart the PC, etc. so is there any other solution. I also try to my notebook but do not fail, and I experienced the same thing.

Hi Ehwansah,

Thanks for getting in touch. If the information that matt has provided hasn't resolved the issue for you, it may take some investigation to resolve this for you.
As such I have opened you a ticket with our support team.

If anyone else is still unable to log in after checking the above details in Matt's post, please raise a support ticket here.

I have the same issue..very frustrating.
One one user in windows 10 i cannot find my opened and running videoscribe
and on another user in windows 10 I get the same message as above.  "to use offline mode you must first login in...etc...

This has just happened..


Hi Pat,

Regarding the issue of not being able to log in, please review the help article VideoScribe won't open – error message 'Without an internet connection you can only log in with your last used details' appears

Regarding the finding of your running VideoScribe application - Have you had an extra monitor connected to your computer? VideoScribe may be displaying on a screen that has been disconnected since you last used it.


Bring Misplaced Off-Screen Windows Back to Your Desktop (Keyboard Trick)

hello. i had taken a trial version about a week back. however i am unable to login now!! attaching the screenshot of the error. Please let me know what the problem is!


The free trial lasts 7 days from the first time you login to the program. Your trial period has ended.

If you wish to continue using Videoscribe, you can pay for a subscription.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi If you need any help with your video let me know..I create whiteboard videos using VideoScribe.

thanks, Pat 

If I pay for the subscription... Will I be able to have access to the videos I have made already... Or have they been deleted?

Yes, any videos you have already created will still be where you saved them after upgrading your account and you will be able to continue editing those projects.

Where do I get the payment option?... I can't find the link on my startup screen!
Thank you Mike. I'll surely buy it. I am going to be paid by the end of this month. Can u keep my data till then?
I do not work for sparkol.

They don't delete your data, so it should be fine unless you delete it.


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