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Audio Quality And Video Codecs

Why can VideoScribe not import WAV files? The necessity to use compressed audio, before the final project is rendered makes no sense to me.

The quality of a sound or video file decreases with each transcoding. Since I must use a higher quality sound file than what VideoScribe allows, I must export my scribe as a .MOV (Quicktime movie), transcode it into an editable format, add audio, then re-transcode it for web streaming. This should be UNNECESSARY!

Further, why can the Quicktime output use only Motion JPEG compression? And where are the typical controls for that codec? Is there no way to render a scribe with one of the many codecs I already own on my machine? Apple 422 HQ would be about right, especially since I have to import the scribe into Final Cut or AfterEffects, or both, to finish solid morphs, high-quality audio, and other details that VideoScribe should be able to handle itself.

Please tell me there is something I am missing here. My frustration level, not to mention my clients', is very high at the moment.



Not clear what you are trying to accomplish. Can you describe your workflow in more detail?

In my workflow, I never import audio into VideoScribe. Instead, I use VideoScribe to create video clips that I assemble with audio in a more fully featured video editor. This allows more complex audio and video effects than VideoScribe is capable of creating.

Given all of your audio codecs, you probably have other audio and perhaps video editing tools? 

Yes, I have the full compliment. My point is, as I cannot export video from VS in a high-def codec (like Apple 422), I would have liked to do as much within the program as possible.

So, though I have mxed the audio in ProTools or Cubase, I would have liked to just import a WAV or AIFF to VS for output with the .MOV. As it is, I'll have to export to Final Cut, layback the audio, and then export again.



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