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Still having zooming alert

i have already placed the elements together and still, the zoom-out-end part is still so small that it makes a zooming alert. what do i do?

If you want feedback from the community, you will need to provide a screenshot of the final zoom out, a link to a video, or preferably attach a .scribe file here

For feedback from customer support, save your work online, raise a support ticket and tell them the name of the scribe.

-Mike (vidoescribe user)


Hi Vic,

To get rid of the zoom level warning you will have to resize or reposition your elements, and then set your end zoom out to a level that does not give the warning symbol.

If you need specific support with doing this on your scribe please raise a support ticket and a member of our team will get back to you.


when I go to download my work on video I get the zomm alert. But in each sequence the zoom is fine. I do not know why I am doing wrong also in the video the images are not seen the same as when I see it in liea in video scribe.

Please help me

Yes it looks like you are zoomed allll the way out to 1%. Be sure to save your work online and raise a support ticket. 

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