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Can't Export

Hi, I have a valid Pro subscription but I can't export except to .scribe, Youtube, Facebook of PPT.

I thought I would be able to export to different file formats?




1) If you had more than one free trial account, and you upgraded one of them, be sure you are logging into the one that is upgraded.

2) If you had a free trial account and you made a new account to become a pro member, make sure you are logging into the correct one.

3) to verify that you are currently logged into your pro account on this website, click the "your account" link at the bottom of this page to verify that you have a pro membership. Use the same login information to login to the program.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)

try again after a few hours have passed


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the response.

I've only ever had one free account and I upgraded it to Pro.

So I 've waited a few hours, logged in again and now I have the different file options.

Thanks for your help Mike.



Hi.  I'm having the same issue.  Is this a timing thing?  I need some work for a presentation - how long are we expected to wait?

P.s. Definately using the same trial to pro upgrade account.

Normally it would be instant I assume. You would just log out and log back in after upgrading your account. (Unless there is an unexpected problem with payment being accepted, or a problem with whatever servers handle upgrades or logins etc.)

Sometimes people are looking in the wrong place to publish their videos. Be sure you are clicking the correct icon.The icon to save or export your WORK FILES (not videos) is in the upper left side of the screen,

while the icon to publish VIDEOS is in the upper RIGHT area of the screen:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Je n'arrive plus à exporter mon scribe (peu importe le format) ça se "freeze" comme si les boutons ne marchaient pas.



It would probably be a good idea to save your project online and raise a support ticket.

I can't it doesn't work.. Everything is frozen and it's impossible to save the project or import it. When I open the scribe, only a part of my work appear on my screen.... I made 4 min of scribe and there is only 1 min that appear... 

 You don't have to open a project to save it online. Just right click the preview image and choose the option to save it to the cloud or online. However, this procedure will only save a file that has been successfully saved locally first.

Whatever portion is saved successfully, may provide some clues about what is causing the problem.

If you are struggling to save a file it's always worth deleting the music track you have on the file. Sometimes a corruption in the link between that and your saved file will cause issues. Once you have saved and closed the project you can then add the music back in next time to create a new link. Doesn't happen often and we think it's caused by a poor/dropped connection when downloading the music from AWS.

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