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Video off Center

After I created my scribe and previewed it and everything looked great. When I export to wmv file my first image starts off center. The rest of the video looks great. How Can i get my first image to start center?

Go back and make sure you didn't accidentally move your first image off-center. Save the scribe, close it and re-open it.. .then click the first thumbnail in the timeline twice to check the position of the first image and fix it if necessary.

I am not aware of anything else causing the symptom you described.

You can save the scribe online and raise a support ticket if you want support to look at it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Steve,

If Mike's suggestions don't resolve the issue for you, you can raise a ticket here. Just ensure the scribe in question is saved in your online folder and you let our support team know the name of your scribe.

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