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What's new in version 2.2.1?

 We are suggested to upgrade to the new version 2.2.1, and I did it, but what's new in this version?

I can't find anything on this site about improvements and/or other features implemented in this new version!

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The release notes for 2.2.1 simply say "2.2"
the ".1" probably indicates some bug fixes have been implemented

The release before that was 2.1.2 I believe

related link:
2.2(.1) release notes:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I'd also like to know, specifically and definitively, what's changed in this new version. Upgrading is a difficult process at my company (as it involves getting temporary Administrator access to my computer, etc.), so I want to make sure that it's worth it to do that now (as opposed to waiting for another release).

Sparkol folk - It would be really helpful if you could make it a practice of including this info any time you announce an update is available! :)

VideoScribe version 2.2 was released on Wednesday 29 April 2015. You can now choose from thousands more high-quality images and edit scribe elements with greater ease. Read about the great new features.

Log in to your Sparkol account to download VideoScribe version 2.2.

What’s new in VideoScribe 2.2?

Thousands more professional-quality images

The new Community Exchange initiative adds thousands more images from professional artists to the VideoScribe library. And more are being added every day.

Many will be free to download (shown with a blue ribbon) and others are for sale (red ribbon). Simply enter a search term to see all of the available images for that term.

The existing library of free images is still available and you’ll see these first in your search results.

Other new features

There’s a host of other improvements in VideoScribe version 2.2, including:

Preview elements set to morph as well as draw or move in Click, hold and drag an element for easy repositioning Edit image properties in sequence using ‘next’ and ‘previous’ icons Cancel a loading scribe using the escape key Skip short elements with greater ease when you preview a scribe

For full details, see the release notes for the 2.2 beta – everything included in the beta trial is now available in the full version of VideoScribe 2.2

 Hi all,

perhaps there is something I am missing.

The email I received on 13/5/2015 has this ad:

So I am referring to this new version 2.2.1 launched on 11 May 2015, and not to the version 2.2 launched on April 2015. Again, what are the differences between the two versions?

Oh OK. So the 2.2.1 patch release is exactly the same as 2.2 but with an update to the Facebook upload (which broke when Facebook updated their API), a fix for a bug which rendered the shortcut keys inoperable after clicking the question mark on the projects screen and a minor UI change on the buy premium image window.

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