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Deleting the image bank because images will not load or preview.

I have just paid for a yearly subscription but I cannot open images so I got your help instruction and was told I had to delete the image library.

When following your instructions I got as far as  /roaming'/  and then there was no / VideoScribeDesktop/  in the drop down.  (See below) What do I do now?

Can you describe the original problem more clearly? Do you get an error message? Or is the image library just taking a realllllly long time to load?

If you are following the instructions in a post from last year or before, they may no longer be relevant.

use the search function to find the videoscribedesktop folder on your C drive (or other drive)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Are you using your own computer or is it a school or work computer?

Where are you using the computer?

If VideoScribe is installed on that computer then there will be a VideoScribeDesktop folder in that location.

Is there more than one user account on that computer?

Hi Matthew,

I am using a school computer at school and a number of different users log in an out of their own personal accounts.  Our technician installed Video Scribe and it shows up on my desktop but when I follow the instructions that found in the help desk, video scribe does not show up in the roaming drop down menu so I don't know what to do next. Should I ask the technician to uninstall and re install? Teachers are not able to install new programmes to school computers and I want this for my design student to use, so I need it at school.

Thanks for your help,


You will need to get back to your IT technician with the following information and make sure that you have the correct permissions.

Some offices and schools have network, security and permission restrictions that will affect the installation and use of new software. Please speak to your network administrator about the restrictions.

VideoScribe information for network administratorsDomains

To use VideoScribe you will need to be able to connect to the following domains either directly or via a proxy:

Subdomains of (e.g. on port 80. In future we will also use port (port 80/443) (port 80/443)File save location

Users will need to be able to save files in the local AppData folder in: C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Roaming

You will need to ensure that the users profile is configured to point to this folder location.

Other considerations

- If you are using a proxy, please check if there are any limits on size of uploads as this may affect saving files online

- In Windows, VideoScribe should use the proxy server settings from Internet Explorer

- If you are able to connect to the relevant domains with Internet Explorer without having to enter credentials, VideoScribe should work

- You may need to add the VideoScribe application as an exception on any antivirus or firewall software

- An administrator may need to install VideoScribe

- Ensure you’re using service pack 3 at least, if running VideoScribe on Windows XP

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