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Zoom-out causes problems with graphic images

Sometimes when I import a graphic then zoom-out the image will turn into a square and only displays a portion of the image. This also happens with graphics that are very wide but not very tall (ie 1200 pixels wide by 100 pixels high). Any ideas?

I've attached images showing the problem. The dog is a 600x560 PNG file that I got off the internet.

for wide images(like 1200wx100h), add height(blank white or transparent pixels) so it is more like 1200wx600h.

for the dog, Does it render okay in the final video?  If not, you could try reducing the size of the dog image and then replacing the old one with the new one.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Actually, when I zoom out on the dog it's fine. Then I slide the canvas to the right about 20 pixels - that's when it turns into a square. So, I just didn't slide it...

For the wide images, I had previously done exactly as you said, just added some transparent pixels at the top or bottom.

Thanks for the quick response!

A possible workaround, if you are able, is to 

-take the image out to an SVG editor (like Adobe illustrator or Inkscape) (for library images this is done by putting the image on the canvas then right-clicking and choosing 'export to SVG')

-with the pencil, draw a large circle around the outside of the image (I mean BIG!), setting the point size to zero (so that it doesn't get drawn)

-save and import to VideoScribe

This will make the image import a lot smaller with a massive invisible border, but it can be resized to whatever you want and when you zoom out the actual image remains.

- taken from this article

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