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Are folders synced in the cloud?

Hi all,

I have been working on my MacBook on a project and have saved the individual scribes into a new folder on the VideoScribe opening screen (desktop?). When I want to continu working on these scribes from my iMac I don't see that folder anymore.

Are these folders actually syncing through the Sparkle / Videoscribe cloud?

If not, where are they stored, and how can I access them?

The opening screen displays locally saved scribes as well as the "create a new scribe" button and the button leading to the cloud (scribes saved online).

Locally saved scribes are saved on your computer and can only be opened on the same computer. Files saved to the cloud (by clicking the cloud icon and then saving) are saved online and can be accessed from multiple devices.

In the newest version of videoscribe, I believe that all files saved to the cloud automatically save a local copy to your computer as well.

I don't believe that locally saved scribes automatically save a copy online. However, I have not personally tested that, so support might pop in with a correction.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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