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Scribbling image between frames

Does anyone know how to avoid the scribbled mess that occurs in between frames of a rendered video? I have the animation and transition both set at 00:00 and this still appears on my finished video.

This goes back to "WhYYYY! did VideoScribe change the best feature of this software???" I am using the latest version and the image drawing  feature looks horrible still. I have attached a screenshot for those who have no idea what I'm talking about.


Ed Wade

If the animation time is set to zero then the image should just appear no matter which draw option you selected when you imported it.

You may need to import your PNG/JPG image again and select the bottom middle draw option in the 'Convert to line drawing' screen.

Thanks Matthew. As I stated above, the animation time is set to zero, yet there is still a split-second between each frame where the aforementioned scribble effect is displayed. This renders the video useless as far as presenting it to my client. I will try your suggestion to use the middle lower option, whereas I have been using the middle upper option. Of course this would mean I have to delete all of those images from my library and re-upload them all, and since you said, " the image should just appear no matter which draw option you selected," I will be surprised if this solves the problem. 


Ed Wade, 

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