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Returning to camera setting

I've been away from VideoScribe for a few months but I thought I used to be able to have the display move to the camera setting for a given object so that I could set the camera for new objects to be the same. I can't see any way to do this in the latest update. Am I missing something? Double clicking on an object just opens the edit dialogue.

Without this, unless I reset the camera for all the objects, pre-existing and new, it's easy to have short jumps between the view and scale from one object to the next.

click an element twice on the canvas or in the timeline to move the camera to the position that has been set for that element.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


As I mentioned in y original query, it doesn't do that anymore. Double clicking opens the edit dialogue.

I am using Version 2.2.0 (WIndows) PRO

I was mistaken about clicking an element twice on the canvas, however, I installed version 2.2.0 and clicked an element twice in the timeline and the camera moved to the correct position for that element. This worked repeatedly as I carefully clicked twice on various elements in the timeline.

Note: if you double-click an element in the timeline, sometimes the timeline shifts before you make the second click and you might end up clicking the properties icon instead of the element thumbnail image.  Click the thumbnail image once to select it, then click it again to move the camera to it's set location for that element.

If you are getting a different result, there may be something different about your mouse settings, or a setting in Windows.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks that works

This doesn't work for me as I am using version 3.2. 0-3pc . Ands it's an absolute nightmare. Help asap!!

If you are having trouble finding the set camera icon in 3.2:

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