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Animated Gifs

Is there a tutor on how to use animated Gifs in Video scribe 2.2.0?

Also, how do you know which image library has animated gifs?



1) The tutorial for GIFs on the Instant Answers page is titled "Using Animated GIFS".
You can check the videos on that page too, but I think they were made before GIFs were added.
You can also look on youtube if you need help making GIFs with GIMP or Photoshop.

2) The library folders containing animated GIFs are the last two folders. They are named "GIFS (ONLINE)" and "ANIMATED ALPHABET (ONLINE)"

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


 You can also use the word GIF in the search bar on the Add Image menu.

-Mike(videoscribe user)


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