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Sound Effects

Does 2.2.0 have sound effects? If they do, I can't find. Help?



am sure one of the Sparkol people will confirm or contradict, but i don't think there are sound effects in scribe. either whichway, there are lot in a mac's GarageBand if you have time to put something together and export to MP3. wouldn't take long. 

I believe these were removed from 2.1 beta for further testing and have not been returned yet.

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Dan,

as Mike said we have pulled sound effects from VideoScribe while we work to make the feature release ready. We'll add it to a future update when it is - keep an eye on the version release notes as they will contain any updates about the sound effects feature.

Hi Daniel,

It is now March 2016 and the sound effects (which would be greatly appraciated) are still not available.

Can you give us a releasedate of the version including sound effects?


Vincent, we have decided not to add them back in at this time and are working on other things instead. 

That's a shame :(  Any advice on workarounds?  

make your voice over first using third-party audio software such as audacity,
add your sound effects to your voiceover,
import your voiceover into videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I agree that sound effects would be a fantastic addition!


Sound effects is one of the first things I thought of when trying Videoscribe for the first time.....

stencil sound for logo...

scribbling sounds when text is written...


Anyway, we hope for that to happen. Want to say I love the product already.

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