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Fae Out Image

Is there a way to morph between two images to get the object to fade out? You can set the transparency of an image, but seems to do nothing in a morph - which is odd, since Flash has been able to do this for years.

Also, is there a way to use the motion hints that are in Flash to smooth out morphing in VS?



Hi Mark,

Morph is designed to take the paths from your initial SVG image and morph them into the paths set on your second SVG image - this doesn't take transparency into account, only the shapes of your images.

There currently isn't an option to fade images in/out but this is an open feature request and will be reviewed by our development team.

I can't advise on specifics with using Flash, but do let us know if you find anything useful!

Thank you for the info. I wasn't asking about Flash, per se, I was commenting that, since VideoScribe is built on Flash with Adobe Air extensions, that it should be possible. Flash allows morphing with transparency and motion hints.



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