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centre the playback controls?

is there any way you can centre the playback controls? these are the only way that i know of (?) for easily centring the images on the canvas. on my screen they are slightly aligned to the right.  cheers

(sorry that wasn't clear - i mean i check whether something is centred by how it appears on the playback. and have been using the playback controls as a kind of centre anchor point). thanks. 

Click twice on the element in the timeline and the current camera position for that element will be displayed.

thanks Matthew but the issue is how i can easily make sure that the element is centred. how can i do that? cheers

i see in the forum history, that someone else was asking for a grid. something basic like that could work too. i tried to find it in the latest version but maybe i missed it?

i use the adobe products and, like many other people who do design, can be very fussy about alignments and positioning. something - the bare minumum at least - would be super helpful here. 

(being able to move a couple of alignment lines isn't what i need as that's relative alignment - i need to know where things are placed on the page as a whole). 

this is a lovely idea of a product you have here and - as someone who has works with software companies now - i'm chuffed to support a British company (silly as that may sound). but unless you get the usability right on this and other basic things, your customers are going to disappear quickly if a focused, well-resourced competitor comes out of the woodwork. cue scary music.  

Hi Nick,

We have included some guide lines in VideoScribe that may be useful for you - when you have your scribe open click on the ruler markings (top, or left of your scribe) and drag onto the canvas. This should move a blue guide line onto the screen. To remove it drag the guide line back to the ruler markings to the top/side of your scribe.

thanks Daniel. whilst what you're talking about is useful in some circumstances, what i'm talking about is a way of aligning easily to the page. 

how do i know where the centre of the page is, for example? 

sure i can get a ruler out and measure it but i shouldn't need to do that. at the very least, a simple cross hairs would be useful so i can orient myself and my design more quickly. 

my original point about the playback controls is that they look like they're centred and can therefore act as a guide. but i don't think they are so infact they distort things rather than help. that make sense? 





1) Make a 16x9 rectangle in photoshop (or gimp) with a line around the outside edge, and lines through the vertical center and the horizontal center. 800x450 pixels would be fine probably.
2)save it as a jpg. the image quality does not have to be very good so a small file size JPG would be fine.
3) import it into videoscribe, set the camera, and scale the jpg to fit the visible canvas area.
4) use it to center your other elements as desired.
5) if you move the camera or zoom in/out, just resize the jpg as needed
6) when finished, delete it from your scribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


If there is no camera set for an element then the default camera position for that element is exactly in the centre of the current view. If you wish to make the image smaller you can either zoom out the camera or reduce the size using the manipulation handles. If you were to move the image to the right for example and then click on the element on the timeline twice then the camera will move so that the image is exactly in the centre of the view.

I have attached a video here to illustrate this. I have used a couple of guide lines which I have just lined up with the horizontal and vertical manipulation handles of the image. When the image is moved it becomes unaligned with the guide lines but the image still returns to the exact centre when clicking on it in the timeline.

Thanks very much Mike and Matthew for your full responses. Will give those a try. Am ignoring the image choice in the video :). A simple overlay grid that could be switched on or off would still be nice at some point. cheers.

There is an onscreen ruler at the edge of the screen that do what you are looking for, you can click and drag here to draw your own grid

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