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Move image out of frame and hold another.

Here is what is happening now:

TV is drawn, then pauses 90 seconds like I want...then hand with remote comes in and stays there.

Here is what I am trying to do.

Draw a Television, then hold it there while... a hand with remote moves into the frame, then moves out. Like it turned it on.

Then the TV stays while I play full motion video on it (will do video playback in my NLE program)

Basically how can you overlay a scribe element on another while it is paused and then how do you get it out and leave the bottom layer intact.



That feature is on the list for future inclusion but I don't think it has been added yet. related link:

If it has already been added, customer support will probably pop-in here and correct me.

your current options:

1) Use Move-in or morph to move the remote control on-screen, then use morph to move the remote control off-screen. This will work best with a black line art SVG due to the way morph currently animates. If you aren't familiar with morph: Instant Answers: morph-images

Instant Answers: Videoscribe version 2 tutorials

2) Learn to make animated gifs. Make the remote control an animated gif that moves onto the visible canvas, pauses, and then moves back off. You can find online tutorials or youtube videos explaining how to make animated gifs in inkscape or illustrator, or you can pay someone to do it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Craig, does your NLE support transparency and PNG sequences? Then animate your remote control as a separate file, with a transparent background, and export as PNG sequence. Import the PNG sequence into your NLE, and move it around any way you want. 

If you start thinking about how to layer multiple VideoScribe animations in your NLE, you will come up with all sorts of creative effects that would be really hard using VideoScribe alone.

Thanks Mike and Dave.

I will try each of the above suggestions, in theory I think they will all work. I use AVID MC to edit so the PNG move in on the NLE is probably the best option... thanks for pointing that out!

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