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Move-Out Hand?

Is there a way to get a move-out hand? My client wants the option to move an image out of the frame with a hand, just as we can move one in.




The ability to move an element off the canvas using the hand is not currently available but is something our development team are looking into implementing in a future release.

Hi Matthew ... any idea when this might become available (even in Beta) as I too have a client keen for this effect.


Here's a way  (but it will move everything that is currently on the canvas):

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for your feature request, however, there is a similar request (Ability to move out) for this currently available.

For a better chance of the request being recognised and implemented, can you please upvote this request by visiting the post here and clicking on the 'Do you like this idea?' text.

This request will now be locked to remove duplicates.



Sparkol Support Team

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