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Font Quality at Large Sizes

I have been using VideoScribe for a month [paid for] - one thing that needs to be addressed urgently is the quality of fonts at larger sizes - fonts that come as standard work 'reasonably' at larger sizes, but many imported fonts are just not clear at larger sizes. If this is a vector based software, can the dev team seriously look into the scalable quality of the font appearances at larger/or more zoomed in sizes? I have made 3 videos for a client but the last one has noticeably bad quality on certain fonts , and I'm not talking MASSIVE, just 'title sized' large.

Having worked with After Effects for around 9 years, I found the use of videoscribe refreshing and intuitive, but in this area it yet lacks some pro quality that could really make it a great content creation tool, in its genre.

Please look into:  Font import quality, and 'continously rasterized' scaling [ no blurring pixelation at zoom in sizes ]

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Pixelated text may indicate a bad font choice.

Can you attach a .scribe file?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Fernando, there are lots of forums on fonts over the years. We have put the latest updates on a few of them that had recent activity. I'll add those updates here as well now that's it's been picked up again...
We have a Font Kerning instant answer which was created this year as well as a Fonts that work well in VideoScribe forum where we share our experience and encourage other customers to add the fonts they find work well so you.

Thanks Barry, I looked into those posts and they are very interesting. Still there's no definitive way to avoid font pixelation at large sizes, no matter the font, just a workaround I found in the forums but not an actual way to fix the big blurred text (using any font). I agree a list of already tested fonts would be very useful, some fonts doesn't pixelate that much but it's kinda frustrating finding a nice looking font and don't be able to make a large text intro or outro for my project with it.

The best advice I can give at the moment would be to find a font that you like and then create an SVG image of the text you would like to use in Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. We have a blog post that takes you through the steps needed to create an SVG image of some text entitled Scribing Tip – How to get Arabic words to draw well. The technique will work for text in any language.

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