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Limited Functionality in VideoScribe Anywhere

I went to use the app and the terms and conditions were fixed on the screen so I updated my ipad to ios 8.3. Upon doing so it also updated the app to VideoScribe Anywhere. I no longer see the option to add pictures or text without the appearance of a hand. In addition, I no longer see the option to put a slight sheen on the scribe. I see the message when I did an interenet search that there is now limited functionality. Are these two funtions among the list of those no longer available? Please advise. Thank you.



Hi Trina,

We have made a number of changes to VideoScribe for the iPad including changes and removal many of the previous features.

Our main focus is to ensure that VideoScribe Anywhere is simple, stable and easier to get to grips with than the previous versions.

For more information on the reasons behind these changes, please see the blog post by Jon.

Many of the features that are still available on the desktop version and previous VideoScribe apps have been removed from VideoScribe Anywhere. What VideoScribe Anywhere will do is allow quite and simple scribes on the go and address many of the stability issues users of the previous version experienced.

VideoScribe Anywhere will allow you to add images and text, set the draw times for images and text, selected their order in the timeline, record voice-overs, add soundtracks and render.

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