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Once again a gif does not play at all!

Can anyone help me with this!

The gif attached is not playing when uploaded to the scribe, even though it does in the finder-


Hi Esteban,

I have taken a look at your GIF and have been able to get it to work in VideoScribe simply by saving it in a program called Photoscape.

The saved GIF is attached here and it should work for you in VideoScribe.

When the GIF was saved the size of the file went up quite a lot. Was there any compression applied to the GIF when you created it? What programs did you use to create it and what save settings did you use?

Hi Matthew

Thanks a lot for your answer

I use Photoshop. Here's a capture of the saving settings. 

I realize that size can be an issue, so before posting my problem, reducing the file size was one of my first measures. But no luck

Thanks again for taking the time !

I think that maybe the fact that you compressed the file on export could be why it is not working in VideoScribe. When we saved it the file size went up from the original so the compression may have been lost and this meant that it worked in VideoScribe.

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