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Problemas al guardar

Hola, tengo problema a la hora de descargar el video, no puedo guardarlo ni puedo subirlo a youtube ni tampoco pasarlo a power point. Espero los minutos que me indican y después se queda parado sigo esperando sin resultados. Por favor, ayuda.

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Hi Carmen,

Sorry that you are having trouble publishing your scribe. 

Please save the scribe to your online directory (cloud icon), let us know the name and we can take a look for you.

Ya está guardado en la nube, el nombre del archivo es video curriculum.


Hi Carmen,

I have taken a look at the scribe and have been able to publish to YouTube but I was unable to publish as a PowerPoint file - it got stuck right at the end.

What I would suggest you do is save the scribe with a different name, close and reopen VideoScribe, load the newly named scribe and try to publish again.

Please let me know whether this works or not and if it does not let me know if there are any error messages or where it gets stuck.

Ok, gracias, lo voy a intentar. 

Puedes facilitarme el link del video publicado?? 


He probado cambiándole el nombre y no puedo publicar en power point. ¿qué puedo hacer?

I have converted this forum post into a support ticket. Please check your email for further information.

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