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Option to create a master template

I am trying to create a scribe, where in i want the text "Client ERP SYSTEM is LIVE NOW" appear in each frame/ scene. I dont want it to be drawn everytime. 

Like we create a master template in MS PowerPoint, can we do the same on scribe.


To achieve this you can put the text at the beginning so that it draws on a different part of the canvas and is already visible when you go from one scene to the next. I have attached a scribe here that illustrates this. You can import the scribe into VideoScribe and see how it was done. 

The three text elements at the beginning are all set to have the same camera position as the first piece of text on scene 1. So you see the first piece of text move in and the other two text elements are drawn on a different part of the canvas that is not visible.

Once the first scene is drawn the camera moves to the second globe image which is placed on the canvas above the second text element. Then, once the second scene is drawn the camera moves to the third globe image which is above the third text element.

The text elements are already on the canvas as they were drawn at the beginning.

Ho to Import and export scribes

Thanks a lot Matthew, This helps immensely. Let me try this

I am also having a issue with keeping the frame steady when i add new images/ text in new scenes. and when i render it i could see the displacement

Before you add a new image to a scene make sure that you have the camera in the exact position you want it. To do this for a scene where you already have images/text and you would like the camera to stay still click twice on one of the elements already in that scene in the timeline. This will take the camera to the position set for that element. Now you can import your new image or add the new piece of text and you should set the camera for that element straight away because the camera will already be at the desired position. Now you can resize the element and move it as you like and the camera will stay fixed.

I have attached a video here that illustrates this.

Thanks Matt., I was able to to this before, however when i move the canvas to a new blank space and add text. images, i am not able to keep it seamless. The movement from frame to frame. I have attached the scribe where you will see that the frame moves after the e-certificates. What am i doing wrong?

So, you have the piece of text that says Name, Date of Birth etc.. and this is set to have a different camera position to the next element which is the scribble out. The scribble out has the camera set on it which is slightly down and to the left so the camera moves to this position when it is drawn. Click on the text element (Name, Date of Birth etc..) in the timeline twice to take the camera to the position set for that element. This is the camera position you want to set for the next element as well so without moving anything or zooming click on the scribble out (the white square which is the next element on the timeline) once in the timeline to select it and then hit the set camera icon straight away. This sets the camera position for the scribble out to be exactly the same as the text element.

Now if you click twice on the scribble out element the camera will not move. Now, without moving the camera or any elements click once on the next element in the timeline which is the piece of text that says 'Employee Pay Slips' and click the set camera icon. This sets the same camera position for that element too.

I have attached a video here that illustrates this. It is the exact same principle as I described in the previous video. 

Thanks. I will try it.

Another issue that I have started experiencing is that i am not able to hold the control button and select multiple objects from my canvas. Also when i try to delete an object the "delete button' doenst work. I have to cut it everytime or have to restart.


Thanks a ton matt. I am now able to align :). Really appreciate your support. 

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