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Unlock Unlimited Videos

I have the VideoScribe iPad app and in order to save a video to my camera roll, I was prompted to 'restore purchase' so that I could 'unlock unlimited videos.' This was fine as it was less than £4 so I paid it. The prompt still appears and there appears to be no way for me to get the video off my iPad- which seems a little pointless in the app existing. Any suggestions? I have a meeting tomorrow and I'd really like to share my updated video rather than one I made more than 2 years ago that I WAS able to upload to YouTube.

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Hi Hannah, sorry you have this issue with VideoScribe anywhere.

Can you confirm what iOS version you are currently running?

I have this same issue! I am running the latest version: iOS 8.3  

Please help! My presentation is tomorrow!

I have the same issue on my iPad mini with the latest version of iOS

Hi Hannah,

I have converted your question to a support ticket for further investigation.

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