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I will draw!


Do anyone know if you can draw your own drawings? And if yes, how?

Hi Pernille,

I recently came across this great tip to create your own drawings and have VideoScribe draw them correctly. 

Provided you have:

1. An iPad

2. Have installed Adobe Sketch on the iPad  (it's free)

3. Have Adobe Illustrator

This is what you can do:

- Draw your design in Adobe Sketch, using only the pen or pencil tool in it

- Send your Sketch to Adobe Illustrator

- In AI select the drawing and then from the main menu: Object> Line and Sketch Art > Expand to paths

- The Sketch will be converted to paths with a single stroke which you can easily edit like any other normal path in AI (nb You might need to adjust the variable width profile and set this to uniform)

- Export the file as SVG and watch VideoScribe draw your drawing!

Hope this helps!

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