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IPad app..missing set camera feature (VideoScribe Anywhere)

In the new version, I can't work out how to set the camera Facility appears missing. Am I missing something?

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Have to agree with a number of the posts above (dating back about 2 years now) that, without some of these features Ike set camera, VideoScribe Anywhere is pretty much useless.
Your VideoScribe anywhere is totally useless without the camera position feature, Really dissapointed you have not heard the multiple complaints from your customers.

Hello all, completely understand that this type of canvas control is considered essential to some customers and will mean that you do not want to use it.

That said, this is not something we are planning to bring into VideoScribe Anywhere. VideoScribe Anywhere is a completely different product to the desktop software aimed at a completely different market sector. 

If you need more control and more features then the desktop software is the version you should look to purchase as we want to keep VideoScribe Anywhere as a tool for creating simple projects cheaply rather than adding more features to it which will ultimately increase the $4.99 to unlock local rendering price dramatically.

Hi Barry , I am a new user and Unfortunately I paid the app fee before I find out this post. On the other side, that means I would consider doodle or Powtoon as alternative tools as they offer online for iPad . When u mean market sector, you have to think what differentiate u from other product. Having a app in iPad or offline Is clearly an advantage . Maybe your strategy is to encourage more pp on desktop. Most users would prefer to pay higher fee for better value. It is useless without the camera position, and I truly regret paying it. I will give my 8 year old a try. Hope this is not the market sector you refer to.

Hi Sparkol/Videoscribe Team,

I didn‘t use Videoscribe for some time (but kept paying the yearly fee…) and wanted now to come back using it more for my team presentations. As my major „computer“ today is an iPad, I was enthusiastic seeing Videoscribe Anywhere as it allowed me to stay there as I do with 90% of my workload. 

I can not agree more to the comments which were done since 2015(!) on the strange decision not to include „set camera position“. I will now have to look for alternative products and cancel my yearly subscription as soon as possible (even that I don‘t like to do this). I hope Sparkol re-considers this strange product strategy.


Hey there, there are no plans to make any updates to VideoScribe Anywhere. If you are using a tablet device then I'd recommend taking a look at our new offering Scribely, it has a freemium option so you have nothing to lose by taking a look.

I would vary much appreciate if camera setting  option is added to video scribe anywhere, as I use an ipad it would be much easier to complete the scribes in a timely manner and also rendering time is much faster on an ipad.

Request you to please consider adding this option as many of the user also complained about this add on option.

Looking forward to see these options in video scribe anywhere very soon.

VideoScribe Anywhere for iOS is no longer available. 

We do have a new browser based version of VideoScribe, which you can check out here-

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