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Are .SCRIBE files time stamped?

Adobe Captivate time stamps output files when you do the free trial.

Is that the same case in Video Scribe?

Hi John,

I'm not sure I completely understand your question - could you give me a few more details on what you mean by timestamped?

also, a .scribe file is an editable file which can only be opened by VideoScribe. When publishing as an output file, free trial users can publish straight to Youtube, Facebook or as a PowerPoint file. Pro users can publish also publish as a MOV, FLV or WMV video file, or as a Jpeg or Png image sequence.

Hi Daniel,

I understand. Basically, just as an example, Adobe Captivate's Trial allows you to publish any files you create, with the exception that the files will no longer be accessible after a certain date. That's what I mean by "Time Stamped."

At any rate, now I understand that you must have the pro version to publish as MOV or FLV. The reason why I'm researching Video Scribe is because I want to see how well it integrates with eLearning courses created by Adobe Captivate. Looks like i won't be able to test that with the free trial of VS.

I take it that there is no way to publish a single file (MOV or FLV) to test in that environment, without committing to a month?

Thank you.


Hi John,

I have attached a MOV file to this post that has been created in VideoScribe for you to test in your eLearning software.

Thank you!


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