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VideoScribe Anywhere "Term of use screen"

 Hi. I have downloaded the app but I can't pass the "Term of use " screen. I can't find a button of "Accept" or anything like that, so I can start anything.

Please, any help will be appreciated.

iPad4 running iOS 7.1.2

Hi Francisco,

Sorry you have this issue.

Are you able to shut VideoScribe down and load it again. If you do this are you then able to confirm the T&C's?

If not are you able to update to the latest iOS version?

Thanks, Joe.
I did as you say, also deleted the app and reinstalled it, and it doesn't work.
I'll check it out in a iPad running iOS 8.3 (not mine).


Hi Francisco, thanks for the update on this.

If you have any issues doing this on the latest iOS, please let me know.

I'll keep the community informed. :)


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