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Arabic issues

 is there anyway that I can uses Videoscribe for arabic   txt? ,,  I have tried images

and AVG but the problem is the motion of the pen won't start RTL to create the writing

affect ,

Yes. SVG images will draw from right to left if you make the SVG correctly.

Here are some related threads:

Videoscribe is working on another solution, but this is currently the best looking method.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Hosam,

VideoScribe will draw the lines in an image in the order that they were created in. If you are using InkScape you can reorder the different lines in your image by pressing ctrl+shift+x. This will open up a list of the different lines in your scribe in XML format. If you drag and drop the lines into the correct order your image will draw from right to left. However, please note that for larger bits of text this could be very time consuming.

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