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saving a scribe as a movie file


I have designed a scribe to teach on a community in PNG but I do not have any Internet, can i save my scribe as a MP4 file 

Paying videoscribe users can export to MOV, FLV and WMV video formats. Videoscribe does not offer MP4 as a render option. You can use various video editing programs to convert the other video types to MP4 if you wish.

Free members can only save their video to youtube, powerpoint and facebook. Youtube and FB require an Internet connection. I'm not sure of powerpoint does or not.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike, I am a subscription user, may I ask for a little more help? how do I export to these formats?
I use Windows 7 home.


Hi Vicki,
Here is a link to the official support answers section: Instant Answers

Here is their post describing how to render videos: render scribes

Here are the tutorial videos and PDFs that explain how to use videoscribe: tutorials
I think the first tutorial explains how to render videos.


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