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Не могу сохранить проект в ФБ

Добрый день! У меня демо версия программы. Не могу  сохранить готовый проект в ФБ. Начинается загрузка, а по окончании пишет вот такое сообщение: "SECURITY WARNING: Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone. See the Центр РґРѕРїРѕРјРѕРіРё Facebook for more information."   Что можно сделать?

Hi Martynova,

When publishing to Facebook a web page should be opened in VideoScribe and you should be able to upload via this web page.

To resolve this issue I would advise trying the following:

1. Save your scribe under a new name and then close down VideoScribe.

2. check you have the correct TLS settings and try clearing out your cache (please see the attached videos for details on how to do this)

3. Log back into VideoScribe, open up the renamed version of your scribe and try publishing to facebook again.

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