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Text or images that float out the screen (like they are coming through the monitor) without using a canvas zoom

It would be great to see the developers create a way to make any text or image float away...not off to the side or off the top or bottom of the screen, but to float like they are coming off the canvas and out the front of the monitor.  This wouldn't be just moving the text / image as it would eventually disappear.  You could set the effect so they float off the canvas quick or slow, straight or curved, or have an air like effect where the text / images look like they are floating towards you like balloons floating in the wind.

That would be a cool effect.  Is there a way to create this effect now?


Hi Beau,

This kind of feature isn't currently available in VideoScribe, but thanks for sharing your idea with us. If it proves to be a popular suggestion our development team may consider working on including this in a future update.

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