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Can't open scribe online

I've saved my scribe to the cloud and I can see it there, but I can't open it.  Windows doesn't recognize the extension.

 Scribes (work files) saved to the cloud are meant to be opened from within the videoscribe program only. If you are viewing your work files listed on the videoscribe website, you can save them to your computer as .scribe files, but you cannot open them from the website.

The .scribe work files that you save from the website to your computer are only meant to be opened by importing them back into videoscribe. You cannot open them by double-clicking them.

If you want a video file that you can open in windows, you have to export your scribe as a video. VIDEOS (MOV, WMV,FLV) can be opened by double clicking them in windows explorer if you have an appropriate video player installed. If you want to make a video, open videoscribe, open your scribe in videoscribe and export it as a video.

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tutorial videos: video tutorials for version 2

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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