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GIF problem

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with some animated gifs I have created in adobe flash but when I import them in sparkol they show a bluish or some other colour as a background, but I put no backround colour; they are intended to be transparent! I attach an example to look at. Please help me. Thanks

sorry attached file shows another problem .. here is the one I talked about

I've had the same issue.  Only the animated GOFs in the videoscribe library seem to work fluidly.  Any animated GIF that I import into videoscribe does what you are describing.

Hi Beau Abdulla,

 I figured how to solve the problem.. in exporting to animated gif I used 256 colour instead of standard colours.. Problem solved

HI Abdou,

Are these GIFs you are making yourself right?  What about GIFs I just find on the internet?  It seems to hit and miss.  Some work others don't.  When I look at their properties, I don't see anything different about the ones that work and the ones that do not.  Any advice?


Hi Beau,

When downloading GIFs from the internet it will be a bit hit an miss, as there are are quite a few factors which can effect how well they work in VideoScribe. The main thing to check is that your GIFs do not have a transparent background, as this can mean that you see the previous frames of your GIF layered on top of each other by the end of the animation.

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