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Problems with latest version of Videoscribe

I recently updated to Videoscribe 2.1.2 (PRO) for PC and I am very disappointed, The previous version was very, very solid and it seems that things have taken a step backward with this version. The two biggest problems I am having running this on the same machine that had been running the prior version without a glitch:

1. When I open a saved scribe that was working fine, some of the objects appear as black circles (they are supposed to be semi-transparent circles). I can revive the correct settings by clicking on each object, but that is a hassle.

2. When I copy and drop objects onto the timeline they do not reliably get assigned the new timeline timecode. Instead, if I copy an object, and drag it to a new spot on the timeline, it sometimes retains the old timecode, causing my scribe to play out of sequence. Very poor result. I can revive the correct timecode by dragging each object around to a couple of spots on the timeline until it eventually grabs the new timecode.

Am I doing something that I shouldn't be in this new version? I created several scribes in the prior version without any problems. This now seems buggy.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear that you have been having these problems with version 2.1.2.

I've had a look and was unable to replicate these issues in 2.1.2 here, so it may be that these issues are related to some specific settings or elements in your scribe. The best way for us to help you with this is to take a look at the scribe you are having these problems with - I have opened you a private support ticket so you can send us your scribe. 

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