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Draw Behind

Is there a way yet to draw an item behind another item? But have it be earlier in the timeline. It's been asked about before on the forums. It's a huge amount of work to make this work with changing the images.

Hi Derek,

Currently VideoScribe will draw items in the order they are placed on in the timeline.

It is a fundamental way VideoScribe works so if it can be done and added as a feature, it will likely to be a while off.

I would also like this functionality. It seems that layering is a key element of the architecture, since VideoScribe knows to draw the new image in front of existing ones. I have wanted to use such a feature twice in recent videos :-(. 

The most recent example, I was using a tree as a metaphor. I had VideoScribe draw the roots and trunk of the tree to illustrate one concept. Then I wanted to draw some grass in the background to make another point. I was unable to do this without some serious hacking in Illustrator to subtract the paths behind the tree in the grass layer, then being extremely careful in aligning the two images in VideoScribe. I probably spent a good hour or two making this happen.

Have moved this topic into the feature request forum as it's probably better placed there. Can be voted on then and if popular we would certainly give it consideration

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