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import .mov

I lost my .scribe file and need to make some edits. I have the .mov file. Can I import the .mov into video scribe and edit it? 

Hi Steve,
No you cannot import an MOV or other video types into videoscribe and edit them.

If you do not have a .scribe file to import, you will need the original work files saved on your computer or online. (They can only be accessed through the videoscribe program and by using the account that created them.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Steve,

Mike is correct, you cannot import Video files into VideoScribe.

You mention that you lost your .scribe file, did you save it to the local directory or to the online/cloud directory?

Generally these are the main save option rather than exporting as a .Scribe file so may be worth a check.

What animations can be imported into VS;  I know I can import a .gif and .svg - is there anyway to import a QT or .mov into scribe?  If not, is there a format that I can convert it to and then import it?

thank you



Videoscribe can open project files that have been saved by your account on your computer or online.

Videoscribe can import SVG, JPG, PNG, and GIF images.

Videoscribe can import .scribe files which are videoscribe project files that have been exported from videoscribe.

There is no way to import a quicktime movie into videoscribe.
There is no way to convert a video back into a videoscribe project file that can be edited  or used in videoscribe.

-Mike(videoscribe user)

Thank you Mike.  I hope that they make that possible someday...or maybe they will just specialize in this type of pure scribing... they don't even have coloured svg files.

I've joined  Explaindio and do all of the above but I"m having issues with the learning curve...they do have support vids and I've just not taken the time to view and learn from them.

Anyway, I bought a lifetime membership to VS and had hoped to stick with it and not go anywhere else HOWEVER the market place demands colour and animated characters.

Thanks for your support, Mike.



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