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Feature Request: Much Needed Hand Features

 • The ability to default to a specific hand or a specific person's hand poses. Currently it always defaults to the same hand...which is very time consuming if that is not the person's hand pose(s) your using...

• Once a specific hand is selected, display the name of the person's hands so you can go back and select another pose of the same person's hand without having to guess. Some hands look alike at a glance in thumbnails..

• The ability to load all of a specific person's hand poses as a default or usage throughout the project

• Show the person's name on or under thumbnail

Thanks in advance,


Hi there,

When you open or create a new scribe, you can set a specific hand you want to use from hand icon in the top menu.

This hand will be used on all elements unless you specific a different hand by changing the hand on the specific element you have selected.

Loading multiple default hands is not really feasible as you have to specify a hand to use, this will not work if you have selected multiple default hands and would cause the issue where you will have to specify a hand after adding each element.

I think displaying the hand name is a good idea and has been sent to the developers.


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