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Canvas roatation - needed!

I've saved sample4developers file to the cloud so you may see what I am talking about. No matter how I try, without turning canvas the effect of adding pieces to the pie chart - is not there. Moreover that, since texts do not morph (what's a...???) and canvas do not rotate, I have to load up 16 images overlaping eachother and this makes Scribe itch - actually, if I wanna do anything more, it will start freezing. So - can't do much with the program at all.

Here you can see this effect is just crazy good feature to the doodle: and I realize that this doodle is created in some other program far more superior to the VideoScribe, but few simple features like delayed color fill up, canvas rotation and canvas shake (if you watch the whole vid, you'll see how it shakes during the whole clip) would add enourmous flexibility to authors.

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Thanks for your question.

Text elements are not SVG files so they do not morph.

There is a rotate and flip option within the image properties and you can also rotate manually too:

Joe, you are referring to image rotation right?  Victor is asking about canvas rotation.  Is there a way to get this effect?  Example, draw a face on a rotation then after it is drawn the canvas rotates and it sets up at 0 degrees.  That would be a great addition to the next version.


Hi Beau /Victor,

You can get the image of the face to rotate after being drawn (using the morph feature), but not the canvas itself - VideoScribe doesn't have this kind of dynamic canvas feature available yet. However, thanks for giving us your feedback, if this idea proves to be popular the development team may look into including it in a future update.

Daniel McCormack, Your "morph feature" is NOT usable at all unless I have both images black and white wireframes. If the image has any color, it will not do me any good to morph it if I am aiming at rotation effect. So, the rotation feature doesn't exist even as a waggabound (sorry, workaround). And the very word "workaround" means there's a bug that needs to be fixed. ;)


Hi I also would need the canvas to rotate!... please add this feature to the next version!


That's funny, Joe. 

I don't see where the properties are to get started with that. Also, in the screenshot you show, it doesn't show "rotate or flip". 

Better instructions please for absolute beginners?

Ok, I finally found the hidden properties dialog box and, sorry Joe but your incorrect. There is no way to rotate or flip the image in image properties.

I have an image of a car and tried everything I could for the past hour and I'm not successful with flipping the car. it points left and I need it to go right.

The rotate property (also amendable using the circle in the middle of the image itself when selected) will rotate the images display but will not animate a rotation to show a car flipping. So a 180 degree rotation will show the car upside down but not how it got there. 

Top achieve that you would need to start with a car the right way up and then morph to an image of it upside down/ A demo of this is available in our bring your scribe to life tutorial where we flip a mug 90 degrees to simulate a spill. I have also put together a very simple and quick car flip for you and attached it here (no children were hurt in the making of this video!).

I would like to be able to mirror an image - I have the standard superman and am learning the animation techniques from the YouTube videos....

I am trying to have a superman figure flying from the far distance going left to right getting ever closer and then "landing" with a nice shadow effect, to make this work, I need him facing left as well as right.

If I can get that working, I will move the "turnaround points" out of camera focus so all you see is Superman flying left to right....

Can we mirror? I think if I export the image and flip in another paint package it will start doing the "wire frame" morphing?

Lee, not in VideoScribe no. But you can right click on the SVG and Export it and then use the reflect tool in Illustrator. (see attached)

I need to create a mirror image, the rotation or the triangles are not helping... 

As the background is set, the reflecting after exporting is not helping.... any other way?

If you right click on the SVG and export it will not take the background just the image file. You can then reflect this in Illustrator or Inskape and import the new image back in

I was disappointed that the canvas does not rotate. In that aspect, Tawe is better. The same thing with Prezi.

I hope it will be available in future versions. 

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