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Set Multiple Items At Once

Can I set multiple properties at once? For example, highlight multiple items on the timeline and then set the drawing time to be the same?

Or select multiple items and hide them at once? It's also a bummer if I hide multiple items then run the slideshow they all come back. I spent hours and hour when doing complex erasing to get that working.

Is there a way?

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Hi Derek,

currently, you can edit the properties of one element at a time, including hiding/showing. The hide feature is only used for hiding the element on the canvas so you can manipulate an element beneath. A hidden element will still show up on rendered videos and on the preview.

The interface is misleading in this regard. It is possible to select multiple images and right click one of them to change properties without losing the selection of the other objects. Logically, I reason I'm changing properties for all selected. Hope I can soon. It would be a great time-saver and eliminate user errors.

The fact I can rotate multiple objects at once would also lead me to believe properties can be changed on multi-selection.

Hi Ray,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Please add any request to the Ideas and Feature request section of the community, this way people will have the ability to vote on the Ideas they like best.

Please also add one Idea per post so it is clear what the community are voting for.

I've seen this idea in several places on the forum. I'm surprised it hasn't been already been considered by Videoscribe.

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