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why the program stops constatly?

I was revising my video scene

but when I make the image come into it. It stops.

and I tried again but failed.

Is is because of the trial version ?
Is it because of the long story that I made?

what's the problem?

I have taken a look at your scribe and it is using a lot of memory.

A common reason for VideoScribe crashing is because you are reaching the memory limit that VideoScribe has available. You can check the amount of memory VideoScribeDesktop is using by sdfchecking Activity Monitor (Mac) or Task Manager (PC) when your scribe is loaded. If the memory usage is getting above 1.2GB then this is where crashes can start to happen (VideoScribe cannot use the full amount of a computer's RAM). If you are already near this limit and you try to add more elements then this will tip it over the edge of the memory limit.

I would suggest that you try to get the memory usage down using a number of methods including reducing the number of images and/or text, not using too many different fonts, optimizing images before you import them so they are the smallest size possible and reducing the amount of zoom. You could also split the scribe into smaller parts and edit them together after you render them. There are a number of free tools you can use to optimise your images which are outlined in a post on our blog entitled 9 Free tools to pimp VideoScribe.

Matthew, on this screenshot you can see something that MUST be solved in the case you describe above. The program simply can't function if the memory limit is 1.2G and when the program is simply loaded (not even logged into account) it already ate up 1.139GB!!! It's crazy. the program is leaving customers tiny 800 megs of memory to operate???
I haven't seen anything realy operational based on AdobeAir. Even TweetDeck had to move to something really functional and they don't have to render animation, lot's of graphics and fonts - text only and some pics - yet they moved out from this crappy-buggy AdobeAir. I was really shocked to see your choise, and the more I work, the more I see it was not for no reason...


Hi Victor,

Currently VideoScribe is created in the Adobe Air environment.

As Matthew mentioned I think this scribe will run a lot better if the imported images were resized to a smaller file size.

I removed the photos you have imported and the scribe runs fine with no crashing.

I have attached a copy here.

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