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How do I select multiple elements and copy to create a new scribe?


It says this is possible on the new version but clicking Control and click is not working.

I am trying to copy an entire scribe to use as a base to them customize presentation to specific clients.

Anyone know how to do this??

Thanks so much!



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(multi-select, click the copy icon, close the scribe, open a new scribe, click the paste icon)

You should also watch the tutorial videos (or read the PDFs) for basic usage information

PS: scribes containing oversize images or other problems may experience bugs with the timeline.

-Mike(videoscribe user)

Hi Deb,

If you are using a Mac, the CMD key is the one to use for multiple select. There is an issue in the current version of VideoScribe that affects Mac users where a loss of functionality is experienced after using the Ctrl+click command. The Ctrl+click command is only used to bring up the contextual menu and you can avoid using this command by setting up your mouse to right click instead.

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